Each room of our hotel represents its own master painter. Those representative paintings of beautiful women and ukiyo-e prints are beautifully and powerfully displayed right in front of your eyes.

Various traditional Japanese items such as tatami mat rooms, sunken hearth, round seat, chest, kimono, yukata, futon, and Japanese musical instruments will welcome you.

Visitors can not only enjoy and appreciate the beauty of Ukiyo-e, but also have fun taking memorable photos in front of the Ukiyo-e prints, allowing you to capture you in the Ukiyoe time of Japan.

We have also devised a way to make you feel a little "teased".
In Osaka, we call this teasing action "ichibiru", means to be tease or to joke around for fun.
Experience a little touch of "ichibiru" with us.
You will enjoy it.

We have one guest room on each floor of the hotel.
The bed in each room is decorated with a kimono sash (obi) instead of a foot throw.
We hope you enjoy the beauty of Japanese obi.

In the Japanese-style tatami living rooms on the second through fifth floors, some ceilings are low, just like original old Japanese houses.

Please be careful if you are over 6.5 ft tall, but enjoy imagining what it is like to be living in the old Japanese style of living including this low ceiling.

Followings are detail information of each rooms.


Room Facilities

■Mirable Zero

The shower head, "Mirable Zero", in the hotel's bathroom has excellent detergency due to the action of ultra-fine bubbles with a diameter of less than 1 μm(micro meter).
Anyone who lives in Japan knows, there is a famous commercial that removes oily marker from your face with this shower head.
Use the tooth smoothing mode to make teeth and mouth beautiful.
Use the hair smoothing mode to make your hair beautiful.
Use the skin smoothing mode to make your skin beautiful.
Please try Japanese technology to double your beauty.

■Mirable Zero
■Drum-type washing and drying machine

There is a drum-type washing and drying machine that can be used free of charge in the washroom of each room.
If you start washing before going out, the drying will be completed by the time you return, which is very convenient.
We have the same number of gel ball type detergents as the number of staying nights.

■Drum-type washing and drying machine
■video streamings

All rooms are equipped with Toshiba 55-inch LCD TVs.

With "Disney+", you can watch classic masterpieces and topical works of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic Channel anytime, anywhere.
With "Netflix", you can watch a wide range of programs such as award-winning dramas, movies, cartoons, and documentaries and more.
"YouTube" is the world's most popular video sharing website operated by Google, where you can watch interesting videos made by individuals.
"TVer" is Japan's largest free-to-watch streaming video service for Japanese season series, entertainment programs, anime, news reports, documentaries, sports reports, etc.
All of the above are free to watch.
If you have an account, you can also watch amazon prime video, hulu, U-NEXT, etc.

Please spend a relaxing night in your room after your exhaustion from sightseeing in Osaka.
Please note that terrestrial digital broadcasting cannot be viewed.

■video streamings
■Nail clippers

In Seki City, "Japan's No. 1 Cutlery Town", the tradition of making swords began in the Kamakura period (around 1200 AD); until today, not only swords but also kitchen knives and other cutlery are still made for living on this tradition.
"Samurai Room" in Osaka Ukiyoe Hotel uses imitation swords from Seki City and Yaoki Industry.  

Osaka Ukiyoe Hotel's original nail clippers were made by Yaoki Industry.
Please try the sharp nail clippers from Seki City.
How about going to see Japanese sword making in Seki someday?

■Nail clippers

About cleaning and
linen change during your stay

Osaka Ukiyo-e Ryokan" is an accommodation facility that is mainly used by overseas guests, called a “special zone minpaku”. Please note that the cleaning policy is different from regular hotels. Towels and other supplies will be changed every two nights. Sheet replacement and indoor cleaning will be done on the fourth day from the check-in date, and every 3 days after that. Additional cleaning will be charged if requested. If the trash is full, please pack it and put it in the trash can in the hallway in front of the room.

Room Information

Thanks Campaign(from 1, Sep. 2023 to 30, Nov. 2023)

If you make a reservation directly from our website, we will give you a gift.

Please look forward to what you get!
From nail clipper, 1-go masu(Japanses wood wine cup), rice bowl, sushi watch, sushi ballpen, slippers, compact mirror, and more.

Room rates

The accommodation fee will vary depending on the number of guests and the period of reservation.

<Annual minimum charge>
Up to 3 people stay 1 room 1 night from 15,000 yen up.
More than 3 people, additional 5,000 yen up per night for each additional person.


Basically, the check-in time of this hotel starts at 3 pm, and the check-out time is 10 am.
If you need to check in after 6 pm due to flight time or other factors, please inform the hotel in advance of your expected arrival time when booking.
After 6 pm, we will use the automatic check-in login system of tablet electronic devices to carry out check-in operations.

If you need to check in early, check out later, or need to keep your luggage before check-in or after check-out, please be sure to tell us in advance when booking.
We will try our best to accommodate your needs.


Payment must be made by credit card at the time of reservation.
Cash payment on site is not accepted.
The following types of credit cards are accepted.

these cards are accepted


If you make a reservation directly through this website, the following cancellation policy will apply.
■0% cancellation fee if canceled up to 30 days in advance to arrival date.
■Cancel from 29 days to 14 days prior to arrival date charge 50%
After 13 days prior to arrival date charge 100%
■No Show 100% charge.

Also, if you make a reservation from a hotel reservation site such as Booking.com, the cancellation policy of each reservation site will apply.

Please note

Accessibility is limited as the hotel has elevators but no ramps.
Please note that some rooms may not be wheelchair accessible depending on the room size.
Please inquire in advance if you wish to use a wheelchair.
We recommend "SHOWEN" on the 2nd floor and "KOURIN" on the 6th floor for wheelchair users.

By making a reservation, guests are considered to have agreed to the Terms of Service.

Please review the "Terms of Service" page for the terms and conditions of our hotel.

If you have any questions regarding the Terms of Service, please feel free to contact us using the Inquiry Form.