During the Edo period (1603-1867), kabuki became a popular entertainment for the general public. Kabuki became such a big part of the town's culture that people imitated the patterns of the kimono used on stage, the way the actors wore their clothes, and the actors' hairstyles, which could be said to be the cutting edge of fashion.

Kabuki actor paintings, Yakusha-e, are literally "drawing (e) of actors (yakusha)," portrayed Kabuki actors. They are basically paintings that spotlight a single actor and depict him onstage. They are the modern-day "photographic portraits of celebrities".

Among the many "yakusha-e", we have selected (1) Old Pine, (2) Toshusai Sharaku's "Otani Onitsugu's Edohee the Third", (3) Kitagawa Utamaro's “Touji Sanbijin, (4) Toshusai Sharaku's "Takemura Sadanoshin by Ichikawa Ezura", and (5) Kitagawa Utamaro's "Fujin Sogaku Jutai Poppin wo Huku Onna (A Woman Blowing Poppins)".
There is a gorgeous gold folding screen in Kabukinoma.
Pose in front of it with a Japanese umbrella and you will be a Kabuki actor of the moment. 
It will be a fun and memorable photo of your time in Japan.

Although the sunken hearth cannot be lit on fire, you can experience the feeling of living in the house with the sunken hearth.

You are also welcome to enjoy a "Hakoniwa" (box garden) with miniature houses, bridges, lanterns, fishermen, and more.


Room Size

approx. 55m²


3 people (up to 6 people)
Japanese futon

In-room amenities

Free Wi-Fi / Drum type washing dryer/Refrigerator / Induction cooktop / Microwave / Desk light / Hair dryer / Full bathroom with shower / Electric toilet seat / Air purifier / AC / Electric kettle / Tea bowls / Hangers / Cloth brush / Nightwear

Toothbrush / Shampoo / Hair conditioner / Body soap / Face wash / Hand towels / Bath towel / Bath rug / Tissue / Fabric refresher / Bottle opener / Corkscrew / Japanese tea




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