Born in Kyoto in 1875, Shoen Uemura was a master of Bijin-ga, a genre portraying the beauty of women.
Showen was the first woman to be awarded the Order of Culture for her masterpieces of Bijin-ga, which she produced one after another from the late Meiji era to the early Showa era.

Among Shoen's noble and graceful paintings of this genre, we have selected (1)The Sound of the Drum, (2)The Dance of the Prelude, (3)Spring and Autumn, (4)The Male Dance, and (5)Preparation for the Dance.

Shouhaku Art Museum (2-1-4 Tomigaoka, Nara City), which collects Shoen's works, is located about one hour by train from us, the Osaka Ukiyoe Ryokan. We recommend that you visit this museum as well.
2nd Floor – SHOWEN –
A bedroom where you can relax while admiring Japanese-style paintings of graceful women. 
You will be surrounded by Japanese beauties adorned in kimonos. 
You can almost feel the graceful vibe.

In the Japanese-style tatami room, there are many Ukiyoe props such as a koto (Japanese harp), a shamisen (three-stringed Japanese musical instrument), a kotsuzumi (small Japanese drum), and a shimedaiko (small drum). 
Why don't you pose with those props for memorable photos in the same pose as the Bijin-ga? 
It will surely be a pleasant memory of Japan.


Room Size

approx. 55m²


3 people (up to 4 people)
4Beds, Made by Serta

In-room amenities

Free Wi-Fi / Drum type washing dryer/Refrigerator / Induction cooktop / Microwave / Desk light / Hair dryer / Full bathroom with shower / Electric toilet seat / Air purifier / AC / Electric kettle / Tea bowls / Hangers / Cloth brush / Nightwear

Toothbrush / Shampoo / Hair conditioner / Body soap / Face wash / Hand towels / Bath towels / Bath rug / Tissue / Fabric refresher / Bottle opener / Corkscrew / Japanese tea



2nd Floor – SHOWEN –

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