Hokusai Katsushika (born 1760 in Sumida-ku, Tokyo) was an ukiyoe artist active in the late Edo era.

Hokusai became passionate about painting at an early age, and in his late teens, he became an apprentice to the popular ukiyoe artist Shunsho Katsugawa and became a painter.

His masterpiece is a series of 46 Ukiyoe prints called "Fugaku Sanjurokkei" (Thirty-six views of Mt. Fuji).

With his overwhelming painting ability and outlandish ideas, Hokusai became the most popular artist of his time by depicting various views of Mt. Fuji from various locations throughout the series. 

From these prints, we have selected (1) Koshu Kajikazawa, (2) Gohyakurakanji Sazaido, (3) Yamashita Hakuu, and (4) Kanagawa Okinamiura.

Hokusai is the only Japanese artist named by LIFE magazine as one of the 100 most important world figures of the past millennium.

He has influenced many impressionist painters around the world, including Gauguin, Van Gogh, Cézanne, and Monet. Surprisingly, many Japanese are unaware of this fact.

Do you know about it?
He is truly the world's Hokusai.
4th Floor – HOKUSAI I –
A fisherman wearing a waistcoat is casting a cast net. 
What kind of fish is he catching?

There is a famous Japanese folktale called "Urashima Taro". 
The story is about Urashima Taro, who saves a turtle from being bullied by children on the beach. He was then taken to the Ryugujyo, the Dragon's Palace (underwater palace where there is no dragon). There he received entertainment from both Otohime-sama (Princess Otohime) and the underwater sea creatures in return for saving the turtle.

Maybe your can enjoy being Urashima Taro or Otohime-sama!You might even become Urashima Taro or Otohime-sama!
It will surely be a fun memory of Japan.

The room is furnished with an Iwayado tansu (chest of drawers) made in Iwate Prefecture.

It is characterized by its large presence and beautifully decorated metal fittings.

Because of its elaborate workmanship, it may be difficult to close the drawers. You can see for yourself when you stay in the room.


Room Size

approx. 55m²


3 people (up to 6 people)
Japanese futon

In-room amenities

Free Wi-Fi /Drum type washing dryer/ Refrigerator / Induction cooktop / Microwave / Desk light / Hair dryer / Full bathroom with shower / Electric toilet seat / Air purifier / AC / Electric kettle / Tea bowls / Hangers / Cloth brush / Nightwear

Toothbrush / Shampoo / Hair conditioner / Body soap / Face wash / Hand towels / Bath towela / Bath rug / Tissue / Fabric refresher / Bottle opener / Corkscrew / Japanese tea



4th Floor – HOKUSAI I –

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